Light Fixtures for Low Ceilings


Have low ceilings and don’t know where to begin when looking for right light fixture? Well you’ve come to the right place. Here we will show you how you can still have stylish lighting even if your ceilings aren’t sky high. 

Ceilings that measure around 8 feet tall are considered low ceilings, while high ceilings tend to be between 10 and 12 feet tall. Once you have determined your ceiling height, you will want to use this information to decide how low the fixture should hang. If it is going over a space that people walk under, you should opt for a semi flush or flush mount fixture. If the fixture is going to hang over a table, sink or island, you could use a pendant or chandelier. 

Flush mount or semi-flush mount?

The difference between a flush mount and a semi-flush mount is that the latter has a small space (usually about 6 inches) in between the canopy and the shade. Flush mounts, on the other hands, sit directly on to the ceiling. The pictures above illustrate this difference. Both will offer ambient, general lighting that is great for kitchens, bedrooms, closest and living rooms. 

Choose the shape of the light

While there are no specific design rules for selecting the shape of a ceiling light relative to the layout of the room, the other design elements in your space can help guide your choice. It may ultimately come down to personal preference for shape. If you are more drawn to curved, smooth edges, choose a round shape. On the other hand, if you prefer sleek edges, a square or rectangular shape may be a better fit for the space. Don’t be afraid to choose a more non-traditional shape, such as starburst or clover. Even an asymmetrical flush mount can deliver just as much drama as a chandelier. 

Semi-flush mount styles and shapes

Semi-flush mounts tend to be more ornate and decorative than flush mounts. Semi flush mounts are great alternatives for chandeliers and pendants when space is limited. Drum shades and bowl shapes are popular choices because they are sophisticated and classic. 

Choose the diameter of the light

The average width of a flush mount tends to be around 13 inches, but we have a range of sizes depending on your needs and the scale of your space. Semi-flush mounts tend to be a bit bigger since the added height allows for a larger diameter. To determine what size is right for your space, you will want to consider the dimensions of the room. It will also be helpful to note any other sources of light in the space such as any recessed lighting, track lighting, lamps or other ceiling lights.

Choose the decorative features

Flush mounts and semi flush mounts come in a wide variety of styles from classic to industrial and everything in between. Crystal flush mounts are popular enhances to traditional and classic spaces. Caged semi-flush mounts with exposed vintage bulbs blend perfectly with industrial spaces. Whatever your style preferences are, we have a fixture for every taste!


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