LED Panels: Edge-Lit vs Back-Lit


Beginning the transition from fluorescent troffer lights to LED Panels comes with many short and long term benefits, making the process a rewarding one. But it can also be daunting to navigate the different options of LED Panels with unfamiliar terminology, and find what will work best for each project. 

Before discussing the two LED Panel types, be reassured. Transitioning from old technology and bulbs to LEDs is already a step in the right direction. All fluorescent troffer replacements offer bright, smooth light and energy efficiency. There are no bulbs to replace, no flickering or buzzing, no toxic mercury. Most Super Bright LEDs panels come backed with a 5 year warranty. Every option ensures peace of mind to business owners, building managers, and maintenance workers.

There are two types of LED Panels, available in many standard sizes like 2×2, 2×4, and 1×4. The difference between the panels is the location of the LEDs and how light is dispersed.


As the name implies, this type of LED Panel has LEDs that are placed on the edge of the frame. Light emits sideways, and is dispersed by a light guide panel.

Key Features:
  1. Even-Glow® Light Guide Panel – Super Bright LEDs lens is designed to diffuse light evenly across the whole surface, producing a perfectly smooth area of light.
  2. Thin Profile – The depth of these panels can measure as small as half an inch. Combined with neutral, clean finished frames, these slim panels have a sleek look.
  3. Versatile Mounting –Edge-Lit Panels can be installed in standard grid ceilings, but their distinctly ultra-thin frame allows for other installation options, including surface mounting to ceilings or walls and suspension from ceilings using junction box or cable mounting kits.

See our line of Even-Glow Edge-Lit LED Panels and take a look at the mounting kits we offer.


Instead of LEDs placed on the edges that illuminate indirectly, Back-Lit Panels have LEDs on, yes, the back of the frame. The LEDs are pointing directly out, shining light straight through the diffuser.

Key Features:
  1. No Light Guide Panel – Because light shines directly forward, there is no need for a light guide panel. Instead, this type of panel has a diffuser that still ensures smooth light without hotspots or glare. Cheaper light guide panels can be prone to yellowing, so Back-Lit Panels eliminate this risk.
  2. Deeper Profile – Back-Lit Panels require a deeper housing to evenly illuminate the diffuser. They are about twice a thick as the Edge-Lit Panels and can only be installed grid (drop) ceilings.
  3. Lightweight – The durable yet minimal design of these panels are lightweight. This makes installing overhead in drop ceilings easier to manage.

See our line of direct Back-Lit LED Panels

Knowing the difference between two LED Panel options can help ensure the right product for the job. Head over to SuperBrightLEDs.com for more commercial lighting solutions, and call the knowledgeable staff with any questions at .

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