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Wireless Ceiling Lights – The Best Way to Light a Dark Shower

Wednesday – March 13, 2019

Mr Beams Ceiling Lights for the Shower


If your bathroom is plenty bright, you may not be concerned about extra light in the shower. However, for those of us lacking overhead shower lighting, our bathrooms are way too dark for early morning or evening showers. The long-standing–and more expensive–option has been to have hard-wired shower lighting installed. This can mean hours of costly work for a hired electrician. If you have a free weekend and a couple hundred dollars to surrender, this is the option for you.


For the rest of us, there is a better lighting solution for our dark showers: Mr Beams Ceiling Lights. These wireless, LED lights can be mounted on the ceiling or wall of your shower for convenient, motion-activated light when you need it.

 Mr Beams Signature Features



Similar to our outdoor lights, Mr Beams ceiling lights are all IPX-rated for waterproofing. An IP44 rating supports all splash-proof applications, such as in showers, porches and outdoor storage. Needless to say, these lights are definitely shower-worthy.


Additionally, battery power allows you to install your Mr Beams ceiling light anywhere you may need bright light, without the hassle of wiring. Each light is designed and tested to last up to one full year on a single set of batteries, based on 8 activations a day. Motion activates the light only when you need it, and the auto shut-off feature ensures that your ceiling light doesn’t stay on longer than necessary to help prolong battery life. Lastly, Mr Beams high-quality LEDs provide up to 300 lumens of bright light.


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In 2015, the 100-lumen Original Ceiling Light was featured in The Wall Street Journal as the best battery-powered closet light. Since then, we have built on this design, creating the LED Ceiling Light and the UltraBright Ceiling Light. The LED Ceiling Light provides 200 lumens of light and features a unique diffuser that provides a pleasing light pattern and balanced coverage, while the UltraBright Ceiling Light is 300 lumens bright and covers up to 300 square feet.


Of course, Mr Beams ceiling lights are not just great for showers; they can be installed anywhere you may need bright light. Dark sheds, closets, porches and attics are also ideal spots. You don’t need an electrician, just a dark area and 5 minutes to install reliable, wireless lighting.




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