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Outdoor String Lights and Solar-Powered Lighting Solutions Push Mr Beams Beyond Batteries

Tuesday – September 3, 2019

Mr Beams Wedge & String Lights


Batteries have been our bread and butter for the last 13 years, here at Mr Beams. As we’ve grown and expanded, we realize that we need to think beyond batteries to bring our customers the lighting solutions they need. It’s why we’re adding two new families of lights to our robust product portfolio—outdoor string lights and solar-powered wall lights.



Outdoor String Lights

If you’re hosting a get-together, lighting is a critical element to set an inviting atmosphere for your guests. Mr Beams’ family of string lights will transform any area, whether you choose to hang them on your patio, porch, gazebo or another outdoor living space.


Mr Beams String Lights


The string light family offers a variety of cord and bulb styles, light sources and power types. Our incandescent bulbs provide warm light, while the more energy-efficient LED bulbs provide a brighter, whiter light. Bulbs are available in three styles, depending on the lighting style you’re looking for. The G40 globe bulbs are small and delicate, the S14 bulbs are more traditional and the ST58 bulbs give off a slightly vintage feel for a nostalgic ambiance.


All seven models, excluding the LED Solar String Lights, are equipped with durable designs and dimming capabilities. However, each model offers its own benefits. Unique to the line, the Globe String Lights (G40 bulbs) can be used both outdoors and indoors, and the solar model need only be placed where the panel receives direct sunlight (no need to stay close to an outlet).


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Solar-Powered Wall Lights


Solar Wedge Lights


Regarding solar power, our customers are making sustainability a higher priority. We realize that they need the most sustainable lighting solutions out there. Our solar-powered wall lights provide just that—sustainable, wireless options for versatile lighting and peace of mind. Install on a wall that receives direct sunlight. Then, relax in knowing your home is going to be well-lit throughout the night. In typical Mr Beams fashion, all wall lights are easy to install anywhere in less than five minutes.


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Battery-Powered Lighting Solutions


Mr Beams Battery-Powered Lights


Of course, Mr Beams is still committed to its battery-powered lighting solutions. We pride ourselves on offering the best indoor and outdoor battery-operated lights for any hard-to-light space. Just set ’em and forget ’em. High-quality LEDs provide a lifetime of bright light, and batteries can last up to a full year (based on 8-10 activations a day).


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We strive to continually bring our customers diverse solutions for all their lighting needs. Whether wired, battery or solar-powered, Mr Beams can light any dark space in or around the home. Learn more about Mr Beams >






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