Why Are Led Lights Are Revolutionizing The Industry?


As LEDs have grown to dominate the general purpose lighting market, many fixture manufacturers have taken to integrating them directly into their products in addition to producing traditional fixtures to be used with replaceable light bulbs and linear tubes. In 2017, 70% of the general purpose lighting fixture market was tied to […]

What Is The Use Of Hybrid Solar Lighting ?


Walk into almost any store, office, or school during the day, and even if the sun is shining outdoors, chances are that the lights are blazing inside. Indoor lighting gobbles up about a quarter of the electricity used in the U.S., and conventional lighting is terribly inefficient, with less than […]

How Wind Energy Can Help Save The Environment ?


Aircraft warning lights that are installed on tops of some turbine nacelles and Night lights around wind farm buildings, parking lots, or other facilities. Aircraft warning lights on top of tall telecommunications towers are known to be highly problematic for night-flying migratory birds (though not bats) during cloudy weather when the birds cannot […]

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